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Air & Water Sciences is the premier Indoor Air Quality firm in Northern California. We pride ourselves on conducting thorough investigations with exemplary follow-up, providing the property owner with a full understanding of the problem and how to eliminate it once an for all.

Mold Investigations Include:

Mold Growth Inside Wall
  • Site inspection
  • Find the source - locate water intrusion
  • Collect mold samples
  • Analyses interpretation
  • Thorough written reports
  • Design remediation protocol
  • Responsive to client's questions and concerns

Mold Investigations involve the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC), air spore sampling, visual assessment, and species sampling. The Thermal Imaging Camera allows the inspector to assess walls, ceilings and floors for "cold spots" indicative of water leaks or water intrusion. Mold grows where water is present, even in trace amounts. The main purpose of the Mold Investigation is to identify suspected water leaks or water intrusion. Once a suspected cause is determined, the Inspector can make recommendations to the property owner on how to remediate the issue, which may include repairing the source of water exposure and removing the damaged and porous materials.

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