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  • Can Air & Water Sciences (AWS) detect mold growth when it isn’t visible?

    Yes, we use a combination of infrared camera, moisture meters and other visual “tools” to find water damage and mold growth. Identifying the source of moisture which caused the mold growth is the most important part of a mold inspection.

  • What does “remediation” mean?

    Remediation is the act or process of correcting a fault or deficiency. In our line of work, it is the act of cleaning and clearing out any contaminents within a structure or body of water.

  • Do you do the remediation work?

    No, we do the investigative work, inspecting the structure and/or site, sampling and testing, interpreting lab analyses, outlining remediation protocols when needed, and provide our clients with comprehensive reports of the findings. There is no concern about a conflict of interest when hiring us because we are not doing both the inspection and the remediation work.

  • If you do not do remediation work, do you have anyone to recommend?

    We do not work with any particular remediation company, however we have experience with quite a few in the SF Bay Area and North Bay. We would be glad to refer someone in your area if we are comfortable with the work they do.

  • Does AWS service private homeowners in addition to property managers, etc.?

    Most certainly we work with residential homeowners in addition to propertry managers, real estate brokers, insurance companies, etc.

  • Can you provide asbestos clearances for remodel and demolition jobs?

    Yes we perform initial asbestos inspections that are required prior to remodeling and demolition work. In these cases the contractor will be required to obtain a “J” permit number from the local Air Quality Management District, identifying that that they have evaluated the potential for hazardous materials to be present. These materials should be removed first, prior to performing the renovation or demolition. Additionally, AWS can provide a final asbestos air testing demonstrating that the trades or even homeowner can enter the area safely after the removal of friable asbestos materials.

  • Should I be worried about lead when doing renovations?

    If your home was built prior to 1978, you need to have your structure tested for lead-based and lead-containing paint if the renovations will disturb any painted surface.

  • Do all popcorn ceilings contain asbestos?

    No, we find that only about 50% of the popcorn (acoustical textured) ceilings installed prior to 1985 actually contain asbestos.

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