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MYCOMETER - BactiQuant©

BactiQuant in Water

Bactiquant-water is a rapid method for quantification of total bacteria in water and other liquid samples. A key feature is that Bactiquant-water reduces analysis time for total bacteria from days to minutes. The analysis results are highly reproducible and provide relevant information about water treatment processes and microbiological water quality. Bacchantic analysis provides a comprehensive quantification of total bacterial presence that includes planktonic bacteria, particle associated bacteria, anaerobes as well as aerobes.

Quality assurance

BactiQuant can be used to provide immediate feedback on the efficacy of cleaning procedures. The effectiveness of different cleaning methods and disinfectants and the optimization of cleaning procedures may also be evaluated. Also the BactiQuant can be used as clearance testing after repair of water systems.


BactiQuant is based on the detection and quantification of an enzyme activity which belongs to a family of enzymes categorized as hydrolases. measuring bacteria enzymes

The enzyme activity is present in bacteria. The activity is measured using a fluorogenic enzyme substrate, which upon cleavage by the bacterial enzyme, releases a fluorophore that fluoresces (emits light).

The fluorescence is measured using a fluorometer. The analysis can be performed on-site within an hour.



BioTrace is a method that measures adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule found in all living animal, plant, bacterial, and mold cells. The method converts ATP into a light signal which is measured giving results in Relative Light Units (RLU). The test is very sensitive, with rapid results that are repeatable and reproducible. Using BioTrace our inspectors can get results on site instead of waiting for laboratory analysis. BioTrace Clean-Trace ATP allows for reliable and rapid solutions for monitoring biological contamination on surfaces.


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