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Senior Project Manager


  • BS Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley


  • Asbestos Building Inspector/Contractor Supervisor
  • Lead Sampling Technician


  • 32 years

Ms. Molnar is a Senior Project Manager at Air & Water Sciences with over 30 years experience as an environmental professional. Ms. Molnar's expertise includes management of all aspects of soil and groundwater investigation and remediation for a wide range of sites ranging from residential and small commercial facilities to large, complex environmental sites. She performs third party reviews for legal, insurance and corporate clients regarding the effectiveness and cost of site investigations and remedial actions.

Ms. Molnar also leads investigations of indoor air and surface contaminants related to fire damage, water damage and sewage overflows. These may include volatile organic compounds, metals, dioxins, asbestos, mold, and bacteria. She is a certified Asbestos Inspector and Asbestos Contractor Supervisor. She is also certified to conduct rapid on-site microbiology testing using MycoMeterTM and as a Lead Sampling Technician.

Ms. Molnar has been the project manager for several large scale, multi-million dollar projects for industrial, corporate, government, and legal clients under state and federal administrative orders including CERCLA and RCRA. She has also completed numerous Phase I and II environmental investigations for property transactions and has experience with underground storage tanks including obtaining reimbursement from the Underground Storage Tank Fund (California).

Ms. Molnar prepares site-specific sampling plans, feasibility studies, and cost-effective remediation plans for sites with priority pollutant metals, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, dioxins, agrichemicals, petroleum hydrocarbons, PCBs, and wood-treating chemicals. She has developed cleanup criteria and site specific action levels based on public health and ecological risk assessments for numerous projects.

Ms. Molnar has worked extensively with federal, state, and local agencies. Ms. Molnar has facilitated environmental agreements between multiple parties by building consensus and negotiating effective regulatory and technical solutions. She has successfully represented major corporations on multi-party technical and steering committees for hazardous waste sites consisting of ten to over 100 potentially responsible parties.

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